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Why Shippers Can't Afford to Overlook Regional Carriers

In this white paper:

  • Navigating carrier capacity shortages
  • Taking advantage of regional carriers' benefits
  • Choosing "best fit" regional carriers for your business

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new retail landscape

A New Retail Landscape

Due to COVID-19, supply chains worldwide have been disrupted, and increases in e-commerce have limited shipping capacity and obstructed delivery times. Many retailers were less prepared than they could’ve been to minimize the impact of the pandemic, but those embracing omnichannel capabilities were able to swiftly shift some e-commerce fulfillment to stores they had converted to distribution centers or even offline by offering flexible delivery options like curbside pickup; buy online, pick-up in store (BOPIS); and more.

Building Your Resilient Fulfillment Network

For retailers looking to build a resilient fulfillment network that helps control costs while adapting their services to customers’ changing delivery preferences, regional carriers offer many advantages, including: lower freight rates, fewer surcharges, faster delivery for lower cost, responsive service, lower damage rates, and improved negotiating power.

Resilient Fulfillment Network

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