eCommerce Checklist
for Peak Season

How are you managing an unprecedented Peak Season? There are 5 factors on which every eCommerce retailer should focus to ensure smooth parcel shipping this Peak Season - and beyond.

Download the checklist to find out:

  • How to overcome the challenges of pandemic and Peak Season shipping
  • How to control shipping and delivery processes across the extended multi-carrier enterprise, including drop shipping, ship-from-store, etc.
  • How to achieve dynamic carrier portfolio management for optimal rate and service selection
  • And much more.

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new kind of peak season

A New Kind of Peak Season

As COVID-19 purchasing habits collide with Peak Season sales, e-commerce retailers can expect larger shipping volumes, carrier capacity issues, rising transportation costs, and delivery delays. As this perfect storm occurs, sellers must execute strategies to avoid derailing operations or incurring major swings in shipping expenditures.

Technology Matters

Multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions can help you manage Peak Season effectively. The technology empowers e-commerce retailers to perform rate simulations, rate shop across multiple carrier services within the transportation network, streamline shipment execution, and gain transparency into — and control over — end-to-end parcel shipping operations.

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