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Parcel shipping software drives strategic carrier service selection, helps you secure advantageous carrier contracts, and enables you to support your customers throughout their buying journey. The right parcel shipping strategy and technology establishes the foundation you need to deliver superior customer experiences. 


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Parcel shipping is hard. There’s a lot of “stuff” standing between your customers and their purchases, and the roller coaster of events that can take place between a carrier pick-up and delivery is enough to make the most seasoned customer service professional consider running for the door.



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Conditioned by large, online providers’ innovative services, modern consumers now have high expectations of their shopping experience. They expect more than just easy product selection and ultra-fast or same-day delivery; they also want flexibility in both delivery location and delivery time, as well as real-time status shipment updates throughout their parcel’s journey.




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The e-commerce industry is becoming more automated, customer-centric, and complicated. Watch this short video to learn the critical capabilities of a transportation management system for parcel.

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Achieve cost control and efficiency by deploying an innovative parcel shipping strategy that includes a Transportation Management System (TMS) for parcel shipping.




The Logistyx Shipping Quadrant helps companies quickly ascertain how they are currently performing against their long-term product distribution goals.

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Home-Grown Parcel Shipping

Historically, merchants decreased transportation costs and met customers’ order fulfillment expectations with a single exclusive carrier contract and just one API user interface. Today, however, this is no longer the case. The explosive growth of e-commerce and rapidly changing consumer behavior have raised the bar dramatically...



Home-Grown Parcel Shipping Technology

As e-commerce continues to boom, asking more of your parcel shipping software to streamline deliveries, analyze data, and help inform future decisions is non-negotiable. The complexities of building and maintaining fully integrated and comprehensive parcel shipping technology makes home-grown solutions less practical than ever.



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In the age of online shopping, customers expect only the best and fastest service at the lowest possible cost. In response, shippers are doing all they can to empower their customer service teams to deliver a top-notch customer experience from the moment a customer places an order to the moment it is delivered.



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The Logistyx cloud parcel TMS seamlessly integrates with your system of record to automate high volume, multi-carrier shipping. Logistyx automatically selects the right carrier service for each order according to your carrier contracts and business rules; creates or acquires the tracking, labels, and documents; and manages the manifest and end-of-day processes.



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A cloud TMS for parcel shipping provides shippers and logistics service providers with the ability to quickly onboard, leverage, and optimize multiple carrier services–critical functionality when suddenly pivoting to a ship-from-store model, for example, or when pulling local courier services into the transportation mix to maintain on-time delivery rates.



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In partnership with Logistics Management, Logistyx recently published “Using TMS to Reimagine Last-Mile Fulfillment,” a research report detailing e-commerce’s significant impact on the supply chain, current parcel shipping trends, and technology's role in last-mile fulfillment strategies.



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We are the leader in Transportation Management for parcel shipping, providing an unmatched global multi-carrier network, predictive analytics, and full visibility into customer deliveries. Our software boosts parcel shipping efficiencies and other business KPIs for many of the world’s top manufacturers, retailers, and logistics providers.

Our flagship software, TME, is the world’s first single engine specifically designed for parcel shipping. With more than 8,500 carrier service integrations globally, TME provides carrier compliance, predictive analytics, and tracking on shipping from start to finish.