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Parcel Shipping for Manufacturing

Priorities in manufacturing have changed.  With the increase in e-commerce, many manufacturers now find themselves selling products in a DTC landscape, where they are shipping parcels, not freight, and the customer delivery experience is a cornerstone to success.   As a result, manufacturers are taking a hard look at the IT infrastructure of their supply chains and making significant changes, one of which is implementing a cloud multi-carrier shipping system.           


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Data-Driven Logistics manufacturing

Often, we hear or read that data is playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing industry. Think of IoT, predictive maintenance, or robotics. But the truth is, many manufacturers still struggle to aggregate, analyze, and leverage data, particularly in logistics, where data is critical to meeting customers’ high demands for a fast, personalized product delivery experience. The following three steps can help manufacturers leverage data to meet customer expectations today and tomorrow.



3D Printing Logistics DiManEx

3D printing technology, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), has quickly had a significant impact on global supply chains and the logistics industry, shortening time-to-market and significantly optimizing end-to-end supply chains. In fact, by digitzing and de-centralizing the production process as well as reducing and/or eliminating inventory requirements, 3D printing technology suddenly puts global manufacturers within reach of manufacturing “nirvana,” otherwise known as short supply chains with unprecedented flexibility.



ebook - critical capabilities

Parcel shipping is no longer a linear process — get a package out the warehouse door and you’re done. This is why emerging supply chain technologies, such as a TMS for parcel shipping, have had such success with businesses of all sizes, churning some of the highest returns on investment we’ve seen yet. Dowload this E-Book to learn how to critically evaluate TMS for parcel shipping systems and find the best solution for your business.



3D Printing Parcel Shipping

As customers, we often want our orders delivered today, not tomorrow, and at the destination of our choosing. And our personal experiences with e-commerce have actually influenced the way we purchase for businesses, setting the bar high for companies in the manufacturing industry and forcing them to toggle between supply chain efficiency and optimization and market resilience and risk. This balance is difficult to achieve, and challenges typically arise on six fronts.



logistyx quadrant offer 300

With this E-Book from Logistyx, you can pinpoint how your current shipping operations stack up against your organization's long-term distribution strategy, and then identify the technology you need both now and in the future to meet your organizational goals.




Manufacturers' priorities have changed.  The rise in e-commerce has pushed manufacturers into the DTC landscape, and suddenly the customer experience is taking precedence over operational efficiency. As a result, manufacturers are taking a hard look at the IT-infrastructure of their supply chains with an eye to fast, cost-effective parcel shipping, and this means Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for Parcel are increasingly found in manufacturers' supply chain technology stacks. Discover the 8 reasons modern manufacturers cannot do without a multi-carrier shipping solution.



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From dealing with anxious customers and opportunistic middlemen to managing rising inventory and shipping costs, the challenges of after-sales maintenance and repair can mount quickly. However, as Logistyx President and Chief Sales Officer Ken Fleming points out in a recent issue of Manufacturing Today, some manufacturers are beginning to discover the combination of 3D printing with sophisticated parcel shipping management can help make these aftermarket frustrations disappear.



safely shipping electronics

When shipping electronics, your first concern might be keeping the items safe from any undue damage in transit; after all, they can be pretty fragile! But did you know the majority of electronics — especially those with lithium batteries — are actually considered hazardous materials?




The Logistyx Shipping Quadrant helps companies quickly ascertain how they are currently performing relative to their long-term product distribution strategy.

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Your parcel shipping operations are unique, and so too are the Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for parcel shipping in the market, each with enough features and functionality to confuse even the most seasoned industry expert looking to implement a new solution. Download our E-Book to learn how to navigate the TMS for parcel shipping solutions market and choose the best technology for your business.




The prediction was right: once the printing speed becomes faster, more materials become available, and the associated costs decrease, 3D printing in manufacturing is going to explode. With each passing day, vast improvements in all three categories are occurring, and we’re getting closer to that explosion.




Manufacturers will need to radically transform their logistics. Predictability and efficiency will no longer be the cornerstones of success in 2020. The winners of the new decade will invest in flexible technology and tools that provide the ultimate customer experience.



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Business purchases are rapidly moving from offline to e-commerce. But is the focus of the manufacturing industry shifting accordingly? Discover why operational efficiency is now secondary to the customer experience.



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