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Parcel Shipping for E-Commerce

E-commerce shipping encompasses all necessary services to transport products purchased online from a retailer to a customer's delivery destination.  In other words, e-commerce shipping is the bridge between product "discovery and delight."  In today's retail landscape, however, where customers are seeking instant gratification, delight can be won or lost by the delivery experience.  To be successful, retailers must execute transparent, affordable, and fast e-commerce shipping.            


Parcel Shipping for E-Commerce Resources

Sustained E-Commerce Growth

What will e-commerce growth look like after COVID-19? A recent Digital Commerce 360 article looks beyond the rise of e-commerce due to the pandemic and anticipates shopping trends in a post-COVID-19 world.



ebook-Transportation Management for Parcel

Achieve cost control and efficiency by deploying an innovative parcel shipping strategy that includes a Transportation Management System (TMS) for parcel shipping.



e-commerce delivery

This year has upended e-commerce in ways that are almost unthinkable. Since March, e-commerce volumes have grown exponentially, reaching peak-like levels, and with this unexpected growth came delivery delays. Looking ahead to the “real” peak season, volumes are predicted to hit unprecedented levels and carriers are already anticipating capacity crunches, meaning delays could continue.



ebook - critical capabilities

Parcel shipping is no longer a linear process — get a package out the warehouse door and you’re done. This is why emerging supply chain technologies, such as a TMS for parcel shipping, have had such success with businesses of all sizes, churning some of the highest returns on investment we’ve seen yet. Dowload this E-Book to learn how to critically evaluate TMS for parcel shipping systems and find the best solution for your business.



business shipping system - social

How can you be sure you’re selecting the right shipping system for your business? It’s the number one question every manager faces when weighing the costs and benefits of replacing a legacy system. There is, unfortunately, no easy answer.



logistyx quadrant offer 300

With this E-Book from Logistyx, you can pinpoint how your current shipping operations stack up against your organization's long-term distribution strategy, and then identify the technology you need both now and in the future to meet your organizational goals.



USPS Shippers

As the COVID-19 global health crisis lead to widespread store closures and stay-at-home orders, consumers quickly turned to online shopping to buy household items and other necessities. This surge in e-commerce over the past few months has pushed parcel volumes up to near peak season levels.



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As e-commerce increases and choice in retailers continues to grow, keeping costs in check while striving to meet customers’ exacting expectations can be difficult. Retailers generally want to keep shipping and packaging costs as low as possible to save money, while customers want safe packaging of goods and fast delivery times.



retailers peak season - social

E-commerce provides retailers with new opportunities to increase revenue, attract new customers, and build brand loyalty. Unfortunately, however, steady e-commerce growth can also increase the complexity of cost control. Parcel shipping spend can soar, and retailers may suffer from inefficiencies and poor profit margins.



safely shipping electronics

When shipping electronics, your first concern might be keeping the items safe from any undue damage in transit; after all, they can be pretty fragile! But did you know the majority of electronics — especially those with lithium batteries — are actually considered hazardous materials?




The Logistyx Shipping Quadrant helps companies quickly ascertain how they are currently performing relative to their long-term product distribution strategy.

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parcel shipping carrier surcharges

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted millions of people worldwide. With all but essential stores closed, e-commerce sales have increased, particularly for items people can use in their homes, such as toys and games, sports and fitness equipment, and cooking and gardening tools.




Your parcel shipping operations are unique, and so too are the Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for parcel shipping in the market, each with enough features and functionality to confuse even the most seasoned industry expert looking to implement a new solution. Download our E-Book to learn how to navigate the TMS for parcel shipping solutions market and choose the best technology for your business.



reduce return shipping cost

Peak shipping season will be here before we know it. (Although there’s an argument to be made the current pandemic IS peak shipping season…) And as retailers move towards the end of 2020, returns will predictably increase. But just because retailers can predict this surge doesn’t mean managing it is easy.



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