Omnichannel Merchants Shift Closer to the Consumer

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  • Retail | Location, Location, Location
  • Manufacturing | Exploring New Roads to Profitability
  • 3D Print & Ship | Moving Products Closer to the Customer
  • Pickup Sites | Mitigating Last-Mile Misery

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Right Omnichannel Fulfillment Strategy

Omnichannel's Growing Demand

The growing demand for omnichannel fulfillment is especially strong amongst millennials, who make two out of every three (67%) of their purchases online.

Challenges & Opportunities

Omnichannel fulfillment presents both significant challenges and substantial opportunities in enterprise parcel shipping and distribution. Leveraging a more comprehensive approach to parcel transportation management can enable companies to overcome the former and seize the latter.

5 Critical Criteria SaaS-Based Multi-Carrier Shipping System

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Quickly identify the critical capabilities required of a TMS for parcel shipping.

When selecting a TMS for Parcel, the first step is to assess your current order fulfillment operations relative to your long-term business strategy.  Use the Logistyx Quadrant to identify the right parcel shipping technology to meet your current, and future, parcel shipping needs.

About Logistyx

We are the leader in Transportation Management for parcel shipping, providing an unmatched global multi-carrier network, predictive analytics, and full visibility into customer deliveries. Our software boosts parcel shipping efficiencies and other business KPIs for many of the world’s top manufacturers, retailers, and logistics providers.

Our flagship software, TME, is the world’s first single engine specifically designed for parcel shipping. With more than 8,500 carrier service integrations globally, TME provides carrier compliance, predictive analytics, and shipment tracking from start to finish.