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Logistyx TME Features:

  • 8,500 carrier service integrations
  • Automatic rating and rate shopping
  • Control Tower
  • Business Intelligence
  • Partnerships with world-leading supply chain software companies

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Enterprise-Grade Solution

Logistyx TMS software for parcel shipping both accelerates and orchestrates parcel transportation with greater precision and certainty. It helps your teams save money, time, and labor in multi-carrier parcel shipping, and it solves many issues within fulfillment ops, procurement, finance, and customer service.

Advanced Carrier Network

Choosing Logistyx as your TMS for parcel shipping means equipping your business with the full power of our extensive carrier services network. Logistyx instantly compares carriers and services to locate the best value for each shipment and parcel according to your business rules.

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Other Logistyx Offers

Quickly identify the critical capabilities required of a TMS for parcel shipping.

When companies are selecting a TMS for Parcel, the first step is to understand where they are on their distribution journey relative to where they want to go. Use the  Logistyx Quadrant to identify the right parcel shipping technology to meet your current, and future, parcel shipping needs.

About Logistyx

We are the leader in Transportation Management for parcel shipping, providing an unmatched global multi-carrier network, predictive analytics and full visibility into customer deliveries. Our software boosts parcel shipping efficiencies and other business KPIs for many of the world’s top manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers.

Our flagship software, TME, is the world’s first single engine specifically designed for parcel shipping. With more than 8,500 carrier service integrations globally, TME provides carrier compliance, predictive analytics and tracking on shipping from start to finish.